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Driving and Working: Can I Foster?

Driving & Fostering

One of the many questions we get asked is whether it is required for a person to hold a driving license to become a foster carer. Although we tend to have a preference of recruiting foster carers who can drive, it is not essential. We do take into consideration how good the surrounding transport network is, as well as how accessible this is for foster carers.

Working & Fostering

Although fostering is considered a 24/7 vocation, we consider various factors specific to the individual, such as what they can bring to fostering, when assessing them as potential foster carers.

If there is a couple who are wanting to foster, we do require that they both attend training sessions, making themselves available for supervision and attending their annual review meeting. Both carers would need to have a form of flexibility with their work hours.

With single carers, we ask that they sign a flexible working agreement with their employers, making sure that they are available for the responsibilities that are required of the fostering role when necessary.

One thing to consider is that working carers can find it challenging to be matched to placements unless they have had previous fostering experience.

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